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Leaving - 1

Ben Vida, Marina Rosenfeld


Label: 901 Editions

Format: CD

Genre: Sound Art



* Glass mastered CD • 6-panel digisleeve (coated 350gms cardboard)  * 901 Editions is pleased to announce the return of the duo comprised of Ben Vida and Marina Rosenfeld with a new piece called “Leaving”, which follows their work “Vertice” released by Fridman Gallery in 2020.  “Leaving is a generative four-loudspeaker composition created for Skaņu Mežs by Marina Rosenfeld and Ben Vida, who perform as a duo and have recorded two albums in recent years, Feel Anything and Vertice. Drawing from both records as well as a remote performance that was filtered through the empty volume of New York’s Fridman Gallery during the hot summer of the city’s Covid-19 quarantine, Leaving is the artists’ meditation on the absence and presence, fragmentation and drift of our present reality, a strange dialogue, dreaming of each other through communication of another order…”  François Bonnet on Vertice

Cat. number: 9ED021
Year: 2021