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Best of 2021

Marina Rosenfeld

Teenage Lontano (LP)

Label: Room40

Format: LP

Genre: Sound Art

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Tip! * Monochrome printed jacket, printed inner sleeve, black vinyl.* Teenage Lontano and roygbiv&b, from 2008 and 2011 respectively, comprise two key works by composer and artist Marina Rosenfeld. Both works are choral compositions imagined for and enacted by teenagers.

Premiered in New York’s immense Park Avenue Armory, Teenage Lontano is Rosenfeld’s groundbreaking "cover version" of Hungarian composer György Ligeti’s 1960s classic for orchestra. Teenage Lontano is reimagined as an immersive sound environment bisected by a column of teenagers in headphones. Beneath a loudspeaker rotating at the phonographic speed of 33 1/3 rpm, the teens' collective voices produce a hauntingly vulnerable account of Ligeti’s dissonant polychords. Teenage Lontano has been performed on three continents, in- cluding a French premiere in 2020 as part of Musica Strasbourg.

In roygbiv&b, asynchronous, sometimes raucous incantations of song fragments swell and dissipate, loosely organized around a purposeful mis-hearing of the acronym ROYGBIV: in Rosenfeld’s version, “r” evokes ‘are' (as in, "Are you that somebody...”);, o is 'oh' (“Oh, oh, oh...”); y becomes 'why' (“Why should my heart...); g is 'je (sus)', and so on. The extra 'b' in the work’s title pays homage to the ‘blue(s)’ of r&b.

Rosenfeld’s punning, spectral composition had its debut performance at the Museum of Modern Art in 2011. The recording featured on this edition took place at the South London Gallery in 2014 realised by local south Londoners, the recording highlighting their style and genre affiliations. Both works have remained unpublished until now.

Marina Rosenfeld is an artist and composer based in Brooklyn, NY. Her works explore acoustic architectures and experimental forms of participation and sociality in sound, sculpture, and performance. Her work is currently featured in the solo exhibition 'We’ll start a fire' at the Kunsthaus Baselland in Switzerland (through September 26), with a performance program planned for September featuring longtime collaborator Okkyung Lee (cello). Other current and recent projects include the sound-art survey 'Seeing Sound' at the Kadist Foundation, San Francisco, and an upcoming solo exhibition at Miguel Abreu Gallery in New York in October.

Teenage Lontano, 2008 Recorded on March 8, 2008 at the Park Avenue Armory by Arup Acoustics for the 2008 Whitney Biennial. Special thanks to Art Production Fund, Bob Bielecki, Raj Patel and all of the NYC performers

roygbiv&b (Version for South London), 2014 Recorded on June 11, 2014 at South London Gallery, London by Mick Ritchie. Special thanks to Simon Parris, Avid Williams and the talented vocal stylists of Peckham and Brooklyn Mastered by Lawrence English at Negative Space

File under: Conceptual Art
Cat. number: RM4121
Year: 2021

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