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Commenti Musicali: Spaziali vol.1


Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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This is one of the most obscure and beautiful collections of Italian library ever released. Originally conceived in the early eighties as a soundtrack for TV specials about space, aliens and other thrills, the songs included on this LP are true masterpieces of esoteric electronic music with heady hints of krautrock, electro-ambient and spacey suites a la Tangerine Dream. A must have for fans of Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, Neu!

"Weird and wonderful electronics from the Italian scene of the early 80s – a selection of instrumental tracks that were originally designed for TV programs on space and the stars! The music is heavy on analogue elements – lots of dark moogy moments, soaring sonic flights, and some more focused keyboard passages that get nicely rhythmic, while still sounding a bit creepy – almost in the mode of electronic horror work from the time, but with less tension, thanks to some of the freer-floating sonic passages!" Dustygroove

Cat. number: C04005LP
Year: 2016

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