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Best of 2015
Best of 2015

Giovanni Fusco

Deserto Rosso


Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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Finally restockd!! Milestone reissue! One of the weirdest, wildest soundtracks we've heard from the Italian scene of the 60s – a score that has lots of cool electronic touches from the legendary electronic composer Vittorio Gelmetti, of Nuova Consonanza fame. The use of electronic music composed by Vittorio Gelmetti for the soundtrack of Antonioni’s first color film Il Deserto Rosso, contributed greatly to the film’s aesthetic complexity as well as the displaced psychological underpinnings of it’s characters. Rarely heard before in cinema, this example of early musique concrète would serve as a harbinger of the now, widespread use of electronica in film and television.  Also unusual is the use of a wordless female voice – not in a style that's as melodic as Edda Dell'Orso, but almost electronic in itself – which creates some almost-Eraserhead moments when mixed with the electronics! Yet other passages are jazzy, or more familiar – which makes the whole thing come across as this incredible pastiche of sounds that's quite unusual "The stunning ultra rare soundtrack composed and orchestrated by Giovanni Fusco for the 1964 movie directed by Michelangelo Antonioni starring Monica Vitti, Richard Harris and Xenia Valderi. Giovanni Fusco has been one of the first soundtrack composers in Italy (he composed his first soundtrack in 1936). The trademark of his music have always been researching new sounds and electronic effects.

Cat. number: C02006LP
Year: 2015