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Best of 2022

Walter Wegmuller, Cosmic Jokers

Tarot / The Cosmic Jokers / Galactic Supermarket / Planeten Sit-In / Sci Fi Party / Gilles Zeitschiff (9 CD in bundle)

This bundle includes the following CDs:

Walter Wegmüller "Tarot" (4CD, 1973)
The Cosmic Jokers "The Cosmic Jokers" (CD, 1974)
The Cosmic Jokers "Galactic Supermarket" (CD, 1974)
The Cosmic Jokers "Planeten Sit-In" (CD, 1974)
The Cosmic Jokers "Sci Fi Party" (CD, 1974)
The Cosmic Jokers "Gilles Zeitschiff" (CD, 1974)

Walter Wegmüller "Tarot" (4CD, 1973)

Walter Wegmüller (1937 - 2020) was a Swiss-Jenish artist who grew up in difficult circumstances in Bern. After training in Basel, Bern, Paris and London, he began his artistic career. In addition to painting and sculptural works, Walter Wegmüller occupied himself with the entire spectrum of art. He gained widespread international attention, especially from 1974 onwards, with the publication of his "Zigeuner Tarot" He was successful at countless exhibitions in Europe and overseas and was repeatedly awarded prizes and distinctions. However, he never forgot his origins as a Verding child and "Rome child from the Kalderasch tribe". In 1973 he released the album Tarot with an all-star band. Successful musicians such as Klaus Schulze, Manuel Göttsching, Harald Grosskopf, Dieter Dierks, Hartmut Enke, Jürgen Dollase, Walter Westrupp played in the band. It remained Walter Wegmüller's only foray into the world of music. The album was last released on vinyl in 1976, the CD in 2000. This version is the first remaster ever. Particularly sought after by collectors is a deluxe box which, in addition to 2 vinyl discs, contains various cards by the artists as well as explanatory texts on the Tarot reference and reprints of the Tarot cards by Walter Wegmüller. This box, of which only 1,000 copies were produced, today fetches prices of up to 800 euros and more. And even the CD edition from 2000 is hard to get for less than 80 Euros. The original analogue master tapes were transferred with higher resolution and remastered with great care

The Cosmic Jokers "The Cosmic Jokers" (CD, 1974)

Re-mastered from the original analogue tapes. Released on the original Kosmische Kuriere label * The legendary debut album of the Krautrock all-star band from 1974. Produced at Dierks Studios with the collaboration of Dieter Dierks. What an amazing improvement in the sound of this 48 year old recording. Recorded in 1973 during a series of acid-fuelled all-night jam parties, Cosmic Jokers was the work of a veritable krautrock supergroup that included Dierks himself, Manuel Göttsching (Ash Ra Tempel), Klaus Schulze (Tangerine Dream), Jürgen Dollase and Harald Grosskopf (both of Wallenstein). This free-form freak out -- consisting of two epic tracks, the 22 min "Galactic Joke" and the 19 min "Cosmic Joy"--was first of five albums by the group to be released on Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser's Cosmic Couriers label in the coming months. A first rate slab of space rock up there with other classics of the genre.

The Cosmic Jokers "Galactic Supermarket" (CD, 1974)

In 1974 the Cosmic Jokers were basically Klaus Schulze, Manuel Göttsching, various Ash Ra Tempel and Wallenstein members doing late night jamming. Galactic Supermarket is one of them, and is more rock-oriented than many others. It's no surprise the music bears more than a passing resemblance to Ash Ra Tempel, because of Manuel Göttsching and his guitar playing. Also Jürgen Dollase gives some nice keyboard work, particularly the piano, Farfisa electric piano, synths, and even a little Mellotron. Klaus Schulze were more responsible for the more droning organ and synth end of things, it's pretty obvious when he plays it. The legendary producer Dieter Dierks plays Bass on these nearly never ending improvisation. The recording was transferred from the original analog tapes at the Dierks Studios in Germany. And carefully remastered for an incredible result. Released on the label "Kosmische Kuriere" (Cosmic Couriers).

The Cosmic Jokers "Planeten Sit-In" (CD, 1974)

"Whereas the two earlier Cosmic Jokers albums, the eponymous first effort and Galactic Supermarket, offered long, intense, free-flowing jams, Planeten Sit-In contains much shorter snippets of music patched together with cross-fades and weird electronic effects. The effects -- burbling electro noises, high-pitched twees, and other sci-fi sounds -- are even more prevalent, erupting out to drown out the drum, guitar, and bass rhythms, as if to make full use of the quadraphonic sound of the original LP. As a much more disjointed effort, and lacking the sustained grooves of the earlier records, Planeten Sit-In still has many fine moments, from the galloping rhythms and siren-like rising synth tones of "Raumschiff Galaxy" to the rotor-blade electronic patterns and echo effects of "Electronic News." The longest track, "Der Planet des Sternenmädchens," adds some vocal trills by Gille Lettmann and moves from loping jam band mode to far more improvisational realms with slow, almost haunting, keyboard tones, to come closest to the prior records. And like those records, Planeten Sit-In represents cosmic space rock in its purest and trippiest distillation." - All Music

The Cosmic Jokers "Sci Fi Party" (CD, 1974)

""Sci Fi Party" was another chapter in the cosmic music voyage from the collaborative forces of Germany's Schulze, Gottsching, Grofkopf, Dollase and Dierks. This is progressive space like you have never heard before and for those who are familiar with the "Galactic Supermarket" will know just what I mean. Juxtpose Gottsching's guitar expressions with the space keyboard talents of Klaus Schulze and fellow cosmonauts and you have a recipe for space travel. Ever since I found "Galactic Supermarket" I have been addicted to the music of The Cosmic Jokers discovering their musical genius. "Sci-Fi Party" is a wonderful headphone experience for those late night cold winter evenings alone in your upper flat. Also the cosmic musical theme established on their first album is once again re-introduced to sustain the continuity of their cosmic musical story line. Creative and highly imaginative...!" - Prog Archives

The Cosmic Jokers "Gilles Zeitschiff" (CD, 1974)

"Here is an other concept album around « acid test » and levels of consciousness by Rolf Ulrich Kaiser (the producer and invisible member of the Cosmic Jokers). The Kaiser reiterates the use of esoteric, drug inspired recitations already mentioned in his « Tarot » and « Lord Krishna Von Goloka » projects and give the job to his female partner Gille Letmann. The result offers as usual a great dose of Cosmic / Psychedelic effects with the help of ancient Krautrockers. A further exploration in synthesized/ acid rock based guitar sounding which provides a kind of cerebral climate. Not the most powerful album signed by the Kaiser but greatly significant for listeners who want to get in touch with the unique Germanic / Intergalactic rock music.“ - Prog Archives

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Year: 2022

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