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Geyer-Symphonie - Excerpt 1
Geyer-Symphonie - Excerpt 2

Floh De Cologne

Geyer-Symphonie (LP)

Label: OHR

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

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** 2021 Stock ** Floh de Cologne were a German group that combined political satire with rock music and this, their fifth record goes one step further as it is ostensibly a concept album. Given that the liner notes do nothing to explain the theme therein, it’s next to impossible for the non-German speaking listener to glean just what’s going on. The album is punctuated by skits and snippets of spoken word, which further makes it difficult to embrace this record (let alone comprehend). When the music takes over it’s decent, if somewhat perfunctory krautrock but far from essential. Had the liner notes shed some light on the thematic core at work then I might be able to focus on more than just the music, which in this case just isn’t enough (nor is there enough of) to win the day.

Cat. number: OHR 70009-1
Year: 2008

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