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Antonio Crepax

Crepax a 33 Giri (Book)

Label: Btf - VM

Format: Book

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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* Italian Language *  For ten years two brothers, Franco and Guido Crepax, worked side by side to give a graphic identity to the production of vinyl in Italy. For Franco it is one of the many "gimmicks" that will make him one of the fathers of Italian discography, for Guido the launching pad for success as an advertising graphic designer. Guido then became an internationally renowned cartoonist thanks to Valentina's character. This book is the first complete catalogue of over 250 art works created by Guido Crepax.

The work is embellished with a colourful comic strip story exclusively for this volume from the Crepax Archive. Preface by Giampiero Mughini. Contributions and testimonies by Francesco Tullio Altan, Stefano Bollani, Maurizio Cassinelli, Franco and Valentina Crepax, Ricky Gianco, Paolo Fresu, Enrico Rava, Giancarlo Soldi and Luca Vicini.

Cat. number: 9788832085181
Year: 2020

112 Pages

Format: 305 x 305 cm

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