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    Bob Downes Open Music

    Crossing Borders


    Format: CD

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    This is a previously unreleased recording from the late '70s by Bob Downes Open Music. Bob Downes is a multi-instrumentalist composer possessing a distinctive musical personality and prowess. Through bodily breath emanates sublime sounds from an array of flutes, poignant patterns from his alto and tenor saxophone performances, and engaging expressions of complimentary vocalizations. Open Music is the moniker under which Bob has produced an eclectic range of records since 1968. However, none of the above prepares the listener for the profoundly engrossing experience that is Crossing Borders. Composed during an extended tour throughout South America in 1973, and evocative of the exotic locales encountered, Crossing Borders is a compendium of musical precision, mysticism, and tranquility. During the late '70s Bob Downes produced a beautifully warm analog recording of his programmatic vision, colluding with contemporaries guitarist Brian Godding, trombonist Paul Rutherford , bassists Barry Guy, Mark Meggido and Paul Bridge, and drummers Denis Smith and John Stevens. Thirty years later, this unreleased record finally sees the light of day, and it has aged like a fine wine. A recording this special comes deservedly wrapped with our highest recommendation for everyone prepared to cross musical borders!
    Cat. number: REELR 011CD
    Year: 2008