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Arthur Russell

World of Echo (2LP)

Label: Audika Records

Format: LPx2

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

2019 Repress. Remastered reissue of the late, great Arthur Russell's peerless, definitive opus 'World of Echo'. Buy on sight!** The seminal 'World Of Echo' was originally released on vinyl in 1986 on Upside Records and has been an essential but hard to find collectors item ever since. Audika now finally gift the world this new vinyl pressing - freshly remastered from the recording sessions, including beatless versions of disco classics like Lola's 'Wax the Van', 'Treehouse' and 'Let's go swimming'. The music >>>> oh dear, a completely revolutionary fusion of the incredible!! - hushed vocals half sung and half whispered in an explicitly open, passioned and completely engaging DIY no-wave style. The cello, plucked, stroked, striked and sawn. Ambient spiked vocal anthems for the crushed of heart but utterly life enhancing for the listener. You'd be hard pushed to describe this as proper dub but what is proper? Instead what you have here is one of the most important and beautiful albums of the late 20th century - we urge you to grab one of these while you can.

Cat. number: AU 1002LP
Year: 2019

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