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Grace Srinivasiah, Alex Tults

Crude Intentions (Book)

Label: Anthology Recordings

Format: Book

Genre: Experimental

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"Crude Intentions is a collection of true stories of women’s experiences with sexual harassment and assault, illustrated by over thirty talented female artists from around the world. First-person experiences are interwoven with secondary accounts that are filtered and interpreted through the eyes of another woman to emphasize the collective female experience. Edited by Grace Srinivasiah and designed by Alex Tults, this zine features work from illustrators including: Aakanksha Gaur, Adri Peralta, Alice Bloomfield, Alyse Ruriani, Amber Vittoria, Ana Purna, Ashley Nicole DeLeon, Aurélia Durand, Flor Crespo (Flor Mocasin), Frances Cannon, Gabriella Cetrulo, Giada Ganassin, Hannah Jacobs, Helena Goddard, Josephine Rais, Karo Oh, Karolina Koryl, Krista Nicole, Kristen Liu-Wong, Maddy Price, Maria Midttun, Mattie Hinkley, Molly Egan, Nadia Hafid, Pepita Sandwich, Rebecca Morgan, Sarah Day, Sarula Bao, Shelby Kahr, Sibba Hartunian, Sofi Naydenova, Sophie McPike, Tallulah Fontaine, Tara Booth."

Cat. number: ARC071
Year: 2019

- Softcover with flaps
- 56 pages, Offset printed
- 6.75 inches x 9 inches

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