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Floris Vanhoof

Cycles of confusion

Label: KRAAK

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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Connecting his many worlds, ideas and influences into highly personal live performances and recordings, floris vanhoof keeps on amazing people here and abroad. after his vinyl debut on ultra eczema, this is his second outing on wax. cycles of confusion unites two different aspects of vanhoof's work. side a is a live piece recorded to four tracks and mixed in his home studio. it shows vanhoof's riley inspired side, focussing on consciousness outside the mind as evoked by modular synth sounds. side b is a very unique composition based on various field recordings, ranging from a classical orchestra tuning their instruments to the sound of an old pinball game. a true masterpiece of this young artist.
Cat. number: K075
Year: 2012
edition of 300 copies.
Side A:
In summer, dreaming while waiting in line to enter the Kennedy tunnel, I felt inspired. Once in the studio though, it became clear that it's impossible to recreate Riley's Persian Surgery Dervishes with a sequencer. Three days of programming this insight into a Serge & custom modular system resulted in a live recording.

Side B:
Through field recordings & the wonderful world of well sounding voltages, this piece connects two documents which capture my journey in America: playing a pinball machine with sound effects by Suzanne Ciani and a brass ensemble in the New Hampshire woods.

Thanks: Els, Lieven, Steve, Tommy
Dedicated to the films of Hollis Frampton & Paul Sharits