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Floris Vanhoof

The Wonderful World Of Well Sounding Voltage And Projected Light

Label: Taping Policies

Format: DVD

Genre: Experimental

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Floris Vanhoof about the dvd: "this disc documents how my projections, which began as experimental films with soundtracks, evolved into live music performances and investigations of persistence of vision and perception itself. however it is meant to get you out there as dynamic and flickering are nicer in the analogue world."Floris Vanhoof, filmmaker and musician from Antwerp, is one of the most versatile and inventive artists in Belgium. As a musician he has published with Breaking World RecordsTaped Sounds, Ultra Eczema. He has made a split with Dolphins Into The Future for the Experimedia label and is currently working on a project for the Kraak Festival in Antwerp.

Cat. number: TP#8
Year: 2015

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