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Se taire pour une femme trop belle

Label: FUTURA Records

Format: CD digipack

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

Mindblowing brand new legit remastered reissue! Mysterious group from the French experimental underground of the early '70s: it opens with six minutes of trippy spacerock (sounding somewhere between Agitation Free, Ash Ra Tempel and the French band Nyl). After a short, repetitive twinkling of piano notes, a strange, rumbling track evolves for percussion and guitar.  At the beginning of "Esplanade" a female voice recites a text supported by barking dogs, followed by an undetermined, repetitive, noisy sound. This track is just plain weird. Next airy piano playing is replaced by almost industrial sounding tones, but soon the piano returns in a more threatening, atonal passage. In the middle of the album I am occasionally reminded of Faust. "Antinomique" is an intriguing track, basically a very experimental folk song with a completely distorted violin (or maybe bagpipes?), playing an almost Middle Eastern-like melody. Grrrreat! This album was originally planned for release as an LP on Futura Records in 1972. Test pressings were made (approximately 5 copies), but for financial reasons, the LP was never released. Paris le 8 juillet 1971."

Cat. number: futura red 04
Year: 2010

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