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Carsten Nicolai, Ryoji Ikeda


Label: Raster-Noton

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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on the occasion of new forms series of concerts in 1999 ryoji ikeda and carsten nicolai did their first joint performance at galerie für zeitgenössische kunst in leipzig/ germany - the project cyclo. was founded.
between 1999 and 2001 files were exchanged, material was collected and tracks were made. cyclo sets up a priority on digital quality of the tracks. selective use of automated processes like the overlapping of loops and their falsification through wrong calculation or incorrect condensation algorithms, errors and the translation into rudimentary rhythmic constellations is the result of their work. the errors itselfbecomes topic of this first release from cyclo.
"Now this was always going to be something special, the pairing of two of digital music's most Godlike figures - Ryoji Ikeda and Carsten Nicolai (aka Alva Noto). Between them these two sound sculptors have created some of the most crucial statements in modern experimental music; both are very rightly hailed as pioneers, and of course their first and only collaborative effort is more than merely breathtaking. I remember buying the album when it first dropped in 2001, my local record shop had saved it for me not because they knew I liked the artists but because it looked so absolutely insane - not the cover but the cut of the vinyl itself. This was sound so extreme that you could see it in the grooves - patterns visible from the naked eye they were so precise and so intense. Of course I bought it instantly - I was a rabid fan of both artists already and the prospect of a collaboration had me trembling in anticipation. Taking the best of both Nicolai's and Ikeda's expertise this record takes their vision to the nadir of the experimental digital music - extreme frequency manipulation, waves of white noise and of course, that bass. I doubt you will have heard anything quite like this before, the pummelling rhythms, the destructive sub tones - of course there are strong similarities with Nicolai's 'Transform' and Ikeda's more rhythmic work but Cyclo is a singular and unique moment in the scene and simply needs to be heard to be believed. Fans of noise music, minimal music, glitch music - it all gets pummelled into something breathtaking, utterly remarkable and totally alien. An essential part of electronic music history." Boomkat
Cat. number: raster 041
Year: 2001