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Carsten Nicolai


Label: Raster-Noton

Format: DVD+Book

Genre: Electronic

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Catalogue: size 29 cm x 24 cm, 128 pages, 52 photos (48 stills from the movie + 4 installation views) + DVD pal, 13 min, stereo and 5.1 surround. Fades is video installation for a specifically designed environment. ultra fine sprays of mist are introduced into a space in which the white light of the projection manifests itself. These fades move in synchrony to the sound creating a variety of shapes and structures based on linear and logarithmic wave modulations. The main focus does not lie on the image projected, but on the light beam itself, which becomes a three-dimensional sculpture. Similar to the essence of music the visual vocabulary of fades establishes a kind of universal language that is able to communicate what is outside of our usual systems of understanding. The book compiles a number of stills from the source movie of fades along with some installation views and the text inside the black box by Daniel Klemm. The dvd includes the source movie of Fades as stereo or 5.1 version.
Cat. number: raster 0084
Year: 2007

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