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Joseph Beuys

Das Kapital Raum 1970-1977

Label: InK

Format: Misc

Genre: Sound Art

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A rare exhibition poster  for this legendary sound installation hald at Ink gallery in Zurich, 1981, based on the same materials "Celtic Symphony", which he performed together with the Danish composer Henning Christiansen back in 1970. "Das Kapital" had already started at that time, some interesting information cna be found here "the acoustic system serves for the sound recording for example of the human tongue, for language, singing and other sounds and for the reproduction of the recorded signals by the connected speakers system. In artistic use, it also is a system of representation, a medium for the creation of acoustic forms. The acoustic subsystem is therefore, like the projectors, a potential element and symbolizes the process of information extraction from the environment, the extraction of sound waves and their transformation into electric impulses. It symbolizes its storability and its reproduction. Like the human brain it is a system of transformation, storage and recollection. The written blackboards represent the linguistic medium of information storage and exchange.The said elements are all different systems of representation, different visual, acoustic, linguistic media. They are able to represent different cross-sections and experiences of the world. In the installation they are presented as possible elements of creation and transformation. Hence the title "Capital". Capital is a potential (of money), with which something can be achieved, can be designed or formed." Size 70x50 ca., hand signed  by the artist.
Cat. number: -n.c
Year: 1981