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Arcane Device, Asmus Tietchens


Label: Stille Andacht

Format: CD

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Asmus Tietchens and Arcane Device’s debut, ‘DBL.FDBK’, does not fit easily into one genre. If you want to hear real Ambient, get this record now! This is the most melodic ambitious and satisfying track in DBL.FDBK. It’s also one of those rare songs that touchingly comfort the listener. T4-M1-4 is a pleasing, and full of overall coherence that goes beyond other creations. I was truly moved when I heard T5-M2-1. T6-M2-2 - My least favorite song on this album. T13-M3-4 is possibly the best song Asmus Tietchens and Arcane Device has come up. This track is a great song that still never gets old. T7-M2-3 is one of the most beautiful songs ever to grace my stereo. T8-M2-4 is almost impossible to review. Some call T10-M2-6 from DBL.FDBK as a quiet invitation of an artist to sit and listen. This song is dynamic and dramatic. T12-M3-3 is the most memorable and gorgeous. Long out of print

Cat. number: STILLE 03
Year: 1993