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Label: Warp

Format: Vinyl 10”

Genre: Rock

In stock

Seefeel is one of the most emblematic British bands of the beginning of the 90s. They formed the chore of the first round of what was later called (British) post rock together with bands like Bark Psychosis or Disco Inferno, performing a sound that came straight from shoegaze influences with layers of evocative distortioned guitar sounds with elegant electronics that moved into different territories through their initial EPs to achieve a completely new sound many tried to imitate once they published their first LP Quique, probably their most emblematic work. After moving from Too Pure to Warp, their sound also moved slightly even more to minimal electronics abandoning the guitar layers and vocals nearly completely and achieving its extreme with their last work called (CH-VOX). 14 years later Seefeel have planned a come back, both on record and live, making their second coming with Warp, as if nothing happened during all this time. This come back 10" EP is called Faults and it will contain 4 new tracks including the title track that you can already enjoy on their Myspace. This new track includes once again vocals and doesn't live from nostalgia as they continue to explore new territories without moving completely from their chore sound. You can also see them play live for the first time in more that a decade on their come back show in London at the ICA on September 16 together with Still Corners. I'll be there.
Cat. number: warp9299/10
Year: 2010

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