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Plus (2LP)

Label: Warp

Format: 2LP

Genre: Electronic

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The nine-track Plus comes just 12 days after Sean Booth and Rob Brown released Sign, their first "traditional"-format album since 2013's Exai. This is the second of two new albums that Autechre teased in their lockdown live-stream sessions on Mixlr earlier this year, in addition to their latest batch of live recordings. You might call Sign Autechre's ambient album. The percussive sounds are few and far between, and they create rhythms that are even less legible than the norm for recent Autechre—you won't find much in the way of electro-influenced or hip-hop drum patterns here. Instead, synth notes appear and fling across the soundstage in bursts and spore clouds, surfacing like the shapes you might see if you close your eyes and squint really hard. - Resident Advisor

Cat. number: WARPLP338
Year: 2020

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