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Lux - Excerpt 1
Lux - Excerpt 2
Lux - Excerpt 3
File under: AbstractAmbient

Brian Eno

Lux (2LP)

Label: Warp

Format: 2LP

Genre: Electronic

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'Lux' is Brian Eno's first solo album for Warp Records and his first solo album since 2005's 'Another Day On Earth'. It's an absorbing 75 minutes of slow moving, glassy harmonics, plangent piano keys and evaporating strings, all bathed in reverb and allowed to serenely waft about the space with a seemingly aleatoric logic. The album breaks down to four long sections, yet in the classic tradition of Eno's finest ambient works, once you've settled into its pace and space it becomes hard to tell where one starts and the other ends - much like the effect he intended to achieve with his iPhone app, Bloom, essentially a generative ambient music system - subtly expanding and dilating our sense of time and place with filigree alterations to sound-colour, spatial dynamics and and tantalising, allusive emotion.

File under: AbstractAmbient
Cat. number: WARPLP231
Year: 2020

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