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Vincent Gallo


Label: Warp

Format: CD deluxe ed.

Genre: Experimental

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* Deluxe Hardbound Edition. 2021 stock * Bit of a forgotten classic this one; the 2001 Warp debut from maverick film-maker, producer, actor and musician Vincent Gallo, who defied expectations by releasing this set of hugely memorable, beautifully produced and evergreen songs for the electronic label of choice back at the turn of the century.  The notion of it alone was oddly captivating at the time, Gallo had past musical form as part of cult New York band Gray alongside Jean-Michel Basquiat and basically made a career out of taking sharp turns away from whatever anyone expected from him, and yet no one really imagined he would come out with anything quite as sublime.  It contains a mixture of instrumental and vocal songs of love and regret with a large dollop of irony (I Wrote This Song For The Girl Paris Hilton), rendered with enough integrity to make their appeal endure almost two decades of repeated listening. It's also brilliantly produced - a deft mix of lo-fi sensibilities with luxurious execution -  a total doozy.

Cat. number: WARPCDD87
Year: 2001

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