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B1 Vahan Soghomonian x MTUA - Poésie souterraine
B3 Vincent Gallo x MTUA - Cluster
B4 Tucuxi - Rayon vert3

Fabric, Mtua, Seabuckthorn, Vincent Gallo

Silo 004 (LP)

Label: Silo Editions

Format: LP

Genre: Sound Art

In stock

This records is composed by Vahan Soghomonian, Tomi Yard, La Houle, Seabuckthorn, Mtua, Vincent Gallo, Tucuxi, FABRIK, Guillaume Fournier, Ben Merlin, Jonas Residence SILO in 2017, in Cannes Et Clairan - France
Cat. number: SILO004
Year: 2018

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