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Amber - 1
Amber - 2


Amber (2LP)

Label: Warp

Format: 2LP

Genre: Electronic

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Gatefold 2LP reissue. Unavailable on any format for far too long. Includes download code for the album and a bonus live set. Autechre's classic second album from 1994, reissued for the first time in 15 years...  At bleeding’ last, Warp reissue one of their rarest gems, which Autechre themselves have referred to as conceiving as their “Warp record” - written to complement the label’s early ‘90s ambient/AI catalogue.  Depending your perspective, Amber is quite possibly the most beautiful Autechre album. It’s much softer, atmospheric than the needling electro tones of Incunabula, and also much friendlier, almost innocent than the cold, rugged Tri Repetae; almost like a snapshot of the duo in post-club gouch-out mode, hugging the sofa and chewing their ears in the days before somebody might snap you doing so on their iPhone.  The resulting album is much warmer than Incunabula (just look at the sleeve). The sinister atmosphere of "Foil" and "Silverside" foreshadow their later work while "Nine" & "Yulquen" are both warm and beatless in a way that is virtually absent from subsequent albums. "Slip" and "Glitch" are a perfect one-two punch of teched-out, ass-shaking bubblers that make strong candidates for the best two tracks in Autechre's vast catalog. Amber is a perfect point of entry for anyone new to the band overwhelmed by their huge discography. Double vinyl edition with gatefold sleeve and download code, recommended.

Basically it’s completely essential if you love electronic music.


Cat. number: WARPLP25R
Year: 2021

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