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Autechre, The Hafler Trio


Label: Die Stadt


Genre: Electronic

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Two of the leading artists in their own field team up again for the much anticipated second installment of their collaboration project. Like part One this comes in special deluxe handmade cover with mysterious inserts. Third edition of 1000 copies.'
The deformation of light entering several lives is simply a prismatic event and depending where the bottle spins, you're it. the acclaimed and cajoled, fussed over and clutched to multifarious bosoms is about to tread no water and several grapes, the resulting liquid pours off and conserved, but never leaving the family, in its way, that is, at least for some of us, and not very all others. be that as it may, and that is probable, it approaches with a glint in its eye, and full boots, not needing a high horse or even a fence to jump over. maybe a candlestick. tell us the time. are you in blue little boy? or are you grown up into what you always thought you would someday be? just asking. name? what's in any of them is out of the bag. The second part of the award winning and chart-topping confluence of the entities known sometimes as autechre and the hafler trio. or something very like it. longer, uncut, 50% less fat, and free house with every copy. that last part *may* not be entirely true.
Cat. number: DS82
Year: 2007
The second installment of the collaboration between Autechre and The Hafler Trio. Disc1: © 2005 Die Stadt. Published by Warp Music/Freibank. All Rights reserved, that's not your date, nope. Disc2: © 2005 Die Stadt. Published by Warp Music/Freibank. All Rights reserved, tip not included, leave it under the plate please.

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