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John Fahey

Death Chants, Breakdowns & Military Waltzes

Label: Takoma

Format: CD

Genre: Folk

In stock

Opening with the incredible 'Sunflower River Blues' (covered recently by Jack Rose) this is easily one my favourite of Fahey's albums. It's by no means the best, or the most technically accomplished, but as an enjoyable piece of music from beginning to end, this just does it for me. This particular cd collects tracks from both the 1963 session and the 1967 session of the album, and it's interesting to hear the differences between the recordings. In four years Fahey's outlook changed a lot, so rather than being mere repetitions, these are fresh reworkings of classic tracks. However, there's something about the naïve crackling of the originals that wins me over every time, it's just gorgeous, affecting music, and part of the charm is that quality, that imperfection. Another superb album from a true musical genius.
Cat. number: TAKCD-8908-2
Year: 1998

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