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John Fahey



Format: CD

Genre: Folk

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Though America was released in 1971 as a single LP, finger-style guitarist John Fahey conceived it as a double album. This CD finally allows Fahey's full vision to be heard (an additional nine tracks are included here for the first time). It's a true treat for Fahey lovers. The title track features the guitarist on the 12-string guitar, sounding more resonant than ever on the seven-minute composition. "Dvorak" is based on the composer's Eighth Symphony, which Fahey tackles in fine fashion. Fahey also performs a methodical rendition of "Amazing Grace" as well as covers of Sam McGee and Skip James tunes. But Fahey's original tunes--the soul-stirring, 15-minute-long "Mark 1:15", the playfully weird "The Waltz That Carried Us Away...", and the gorgeous melody of "Song #3"--are obvious highlights. The classical, gospel, folk and blues influences that always permeate Fahey's playing abound on America and make it one of his great recordings. --Jason Verlinde
Cat. number: cdtak 8903
Year: 1999
Reissue of the original America lp which was intentionally a double lp but released as a single lp because Fahey believed a double album would't sell. Tracks 1-9 are the unreleased tracks, tracks 10-13 make up the original lp. Remastered in 1998 by Joe Tarantino. Recordings are from 1971.

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