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John Fahey

Vampire Vultures (book)

Label: Drag City

Format: Book

Genre: Folk

In stock


2009 reprint, originally published in 2000. The publication of How Bluegrass Music Destroyed My Life did a great deal to spread the word of John Fahey's literary talents, though sadly only a year before he died. Vampire Vultures is an unexpected gift and should ease the grief of those who thought they would never hear anything from John Fahey again. Originally a project of his own conception, it was to be an epic work that would expand on many of the characters and experiences he introduced in Bluegrass. Compiled from his private papers, Vampire Vultures includes notebook entries, short stories, and letters never sent, revealing the struggles and victories of a cult artist's life in modern America."

Cat. number: DC 245BK
Year: 2009

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