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John Fahey



Format: BOOK

Genre: Folk

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"The much-revered avant-garde guitarist John Fahey (1939-2001) incorporated influences ranging from folk, blues, and bluegrass to classical music, musique concrete, and noise in his primarily acoustic guitar-based compositions. Considered a legend by many, Fahey released upward of three dozen LPs in his lifetime. Relatively late in life, Fahey extended his so-called 'American Primitive' approach beyond music, and into the creation of a substantial body of paintings. Painting on found poster board and discarded spiral notebook paper, working with tempera, acrylic, spray paint, and magic marker, Fahey's intuitive approach echoes the action painters and abstract expressionists. His painting studio floated from motel bed to motel bed and eventually ended up in his home in Salem, Oregon. The same alluring and tranquilizing aesthetics that defines much of Fahey's musical output are equally present in his paintings. Thoroughly illustrated with 70 color plates, the volume includes an essay by Keith Connolly, founding member of No Neck Blues Band." 128 pages; 8.265 x 11.5", hardcover.


Cat. number: ISBN 978-1-941753-00-2
Year: 2015

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