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Devil's Music

Label: EM Records

Format: CD+DVD

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2 CD edition of Nicolas Collins 1986 warped electronic work, with bonus material from a 1987 cassette-only release, plus a video and PC & Mac software to create your own Devil Music!  "Devil's Music" and more! We presents the vinyl and CD reissue of Nicolas Collins' live radio sampling masterpiece, originally released on vinyl in 1986, served up in all its stuttering glory, a time capsule of the mid-80s New York City airwaves, acclaimed by Philip Sherburne as "an early template for techno", with a feel somewhat akin to scratching turntablist madness, a block-rocking party put through a blender and reassembled by body-popping demons. And more:"Real Landscape", a 1987 "remix" recorded in Europe (originally released on cassette), and (CD only) "The Spark Heard 'Round The World", a fascinating tape piece sourced from multi-band radio and scanner recordings, plus (also CD only, alas) video of a live performance of "Devil's Music" from 1987 in Birmingham, UK. And if you're still not satisfied, CD purchasers also get a downloadable software version of the original hardware circuitry used for "Devil's Music" which, a la David Tudor, constitutes the original composition itself. Make your own "Devil's Music"!

Cat. number: em 1086DCD+DVD
Year: 1983
Genre: Electronic

"Devil's music" recorded at Airshaft Studio, New York City, July 1985.
Mastered at The Cutting Room, New York City.
Originally released on LP (Trace elements, TE 1013, 1986).
"Devil's Music" B first minute have been deleted for this version by Nicolas Collins.

"Real landscape" compiled from live recordings from seven concerts in Europe and USA in 1987 without overdubbing.
Originally released on cassette (Banned Production, 1988).
"The spark heard 'round the world" commissioned by New Radio and Performing Arts in 1988 for its New American Radio series.

Second disc includes the software for performing Devil's music (Mac & PC version)
Also includes is a short video performance (3:52) of Devil's music at Southern Danceworks (Birmingham, Alabama, USA, December 1987) filmed by Dorah Funmilayo Rosen.

Housed in a carboard gatefold sleeve.
(c) & (p) 1985, 1987, 1988 & 2009 Nicolas Collins
This edition (c) & (p) 2009 Em Records