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Larry Wendt, Nicolas COLLINS

Slowscan Vol. 3: Electroacoustic Applications in Electronic Mus

Label: Slowscan

Format: TAPE

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Original copies, few in stock, long out of print. Larry Wendt is an extraordinary but very little known pioneer of live computer electronics and text-sound, while Nicolas Collins is here with the legendary 'Devil Music'. Devil’s Music is a performance piece about global media, local culture and individual interference. It developed in 1985 out of the confluence of Collin's fascination with early Hip Hop DJs, a Cagean love of the splendor of radio, the introduction of the first affordable, portable samplers (Electro - Harmonix’s 16 Second Digital Delay and Super Replay ), and a simple home - made “stuttering circuit” (inspired, perhaps, by his years as a student of Alvin Lucier.) In Devil’s Music the performer sweeps the radio dial in search of suitable material, which is sampled in snippets of one second or less. These are then looped, layered and de-tuned.

Cat. number: Vol. 3
Year: 1986
Genre: Sound Art