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Best of 2021

Curtis Roads

Clang-Tint Modulude (LP)

Label: Slowscan

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic



Edition of 250 copies. Curtis Roads (° 1951) is a sound artist and composer and researcher in electronic music composition. Curtis Roads creates, teaches, and pursues research in the interdisciplinary territory spanning music and sound technology.  He was Editor and Associate Editor of Computer Music Journal (The MIT Press) from 1978 to 2000, and cofounded the International Computer Music Association (ICMA) in 1979.   A researcher at MIT (1980-1986), he also worked in the computer software industry for a decade. He taught electronic music composition at Harvard University and sound synthesis techniques at the University of Naples Federico II.

Clang-Tint (1994) was a commission from the Japanese Ministry of Culture (Bunka-cho) and the Kunitachi College of Music.Based on the sounds of ancient instruments and computer-generated sounds

Modulude (1998-2021) is based on modulation–a quintessential sound synthesis process in electronic music

Cat. number: Vol. 55
Year: 2021

Edition of 250 copies.

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