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Various Artists

Audio Trans Art Vol.1

Label: Slowscan

Format: LPx2

Genre: Experimental

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An incredible compilation featuring unreleased before pices by sound related artists such as Charles Dreyfus, Ferdinand Kriwet, Julien Blaine, Richard Maxfield, Bob George, Henri Chopin, Rolf Julius, , Diana Spodorek, Milan Knízak. Editon of 250 copies, non-gatefold cover. Recorded live at "Artists Talking Back To The Media " November 1985 at Time Based Arts, Amsterdam curated by Ulises Carrion and Max Bruinsma in a live radio broadcast by VPRO radio. Ferdinand Kriwet's piece recorded by KPFK-FM in 1972
"Talking Back to the Media was a manifestation that took place in Amsterdam during november 1985. It focussed on the media and its influence and how artist reacted to this influence. Talking Back to the Media was a concept by David Garcia and Raul Marroquin and took place in Amsterdam in november 1985. The aim of Talking Back tot the Media was to show work by artists who were making use of one of the mass media and who attempted to deconstruct the 'reality' evoked by the mass media or commented on that media in some other way in their work. It consisted out of numerous events as a photography-exposition, artist-conservations, a theater-play, a film festival, a publication, and local television broadcasts."

Cat. number: vol.31
Year: 2015

edition of 250 copies

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