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Included in:

    Die Form

    Die Form - Hurt

    Label: Rotorelief

    Format: LP

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    This Die Form side-project was recorded in a few days in 1984 and remains the only trace of their material recorded under the name Hurt, initially released on the Bain Total label during the same period as Some Experiences With Shock. This release brings together all the tracks from the cassette, as well as other titles from Die Form from this period. It is a kind of snapshot, close to the tear and chaos, where the machines and the out-of-control guitars are used as a support for the cry to final exhaustion. These are experimental and industrial creations, characteristic of this particular period/time, in the spirit of bands on No New York (Teenage JesusDNAJames Chance,Mars), and Suicide or Throbbing Gristle and SPK. On black vinyl in an edition of 300 copies.

    Cat. number: ROTOR 049LP
    Year: 2016