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clara de asis

Do Nothing
€ 13.50
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clara de asis - Do Nothing

clara de asis

Do Nothing

€ 13.50

LABEL: Another Timbre
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. at119 | YEAR. (2019)

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Electroacoustic and minimal studio composition for guitar and percussion performed by Clara de Asis. Six beautiful solo pieces developed over the course of 2017.
It’s the way I work now. To me, one of the differences between improvisation and composition is how I think about and experience time. Meaning the time within the piece itself, but also the time of my life in which I develop the piece, and how I live through that time. I believe that, as with any other activity, music is very much related to the moment, the stage of one’s life, where it is produced – be it either in a perceptibly evident or in a subtle way. There is a correspondence between one’s life and way of living and the music one makes. And when I’m developing a piece, during the process of composing it and making it, which can last months, weeks, or days, I learn things about myself; there’s a feedback between the developing piece and my own life. And that feedback leads me to make choices. Choices that set up a frame regarding a situation that goes beyond the present time. In that sense, I do find improvisation limiting as a means of music-making, because improvised music is formally circumscribed by one instant.

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