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Drone Islands - Land Rising - excerpt 1
Drone Islands - Land Rising - excerpt 2
Drone Islands - Land Rising - excerpt 3
Drone Islands - Land Rising - excerpt 4


Drone Islands - Land Rising

Label: Eighth Tower Records

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

In stock


**200 copies** Pitchfork Media and Allmusic journalist Mark Richardson defined drone music thus: "The vanishing-point music created by drone elders Phill Niblock and, especially, LaMonte Young is what happens when a fixation on held tones reaches a tipping point. Timbre is reduced to either a single clear instrument or a sine wave, silence disappears completely, and the base-level interaction between small clusters of "pure" tone becomes the music's content. This kind of work takes what typically helps us to distinguish "music" from "sound," discards nearly all of it, and then starts over again from scratch." Since LaMonte Young early experiments till today, drone music has come a long way. Eighth Tower Records is proud to present an anthology featuring twelve projects from artists who work on classic and new stimulating paths for the drone music: Ah Cama-Sotz, Satori, Kammarheit, Ashtoreth, Daimon, Stefan Klaverdal, Sonologyst, Instinct Primal, Lars Bröndum, Massimo Olla, Nihil Impvlse and Hler.

Cat. number: ETR019
Year: 2019

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