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Okay Temiz

Drummer Of Two Worlds

Label: Finnadar Records

Format: LP

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Born in Istanbul in 1939, the percussionist and composer Okay Temiz is among the most respected figures in Turkish music. During the 1960’s he toured the world extensively with a diverse number of ensembles - eventually leading to his meeting Don Cherry, his relocation to Sweden, and his seminal work with the trumpet player across the 1970’s. He appears on three of Cherry’s most noted works from the era - Organic Music Society, Orient, and Blue Lake. That decade found him increasingly pushing further afield - forming a number of his own ensembles, including Oriental Wind and Xaba - rising as a singular voice in the field of jazz, bridging diverse percussion traditions, free improvisation, and popular music. In 1980, he released Drummer of Two Worlds - the realisation of his decades long sonic journey. Among the most stunning and sought after in his discography, it captures all of the adventurous spirit one might expect from Don Cherry, and is funky as hell. Filled with the modal lines of the Middle East, references to the Brazilian tradition of Batucada, and possibly more perfect beats and breaks than any other source, this is the rhythmic masterpiece that 90’s Hip Hop missed. Absolutely essential for anyone with ears. 


Cat. number: SR 9032
Year: 2016
Genre: Jazz