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Each Day Moon Tide - excerpt 1
Each Day Moon Tide - excerpt 2
Each Day Moon Tide - excerpt 3

Fabio Orsi

Each Day Moon Tide (LP)

Label: Oltrarno Recordings

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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**300 copies** Oltrarno Recordings presents the latest work from Fabio Orsi: Each Day Moon Tide. What seems an endless repetition of day and night, slowly transforms into something new, as Fabio's musical approach is turning to a different magnetic pull. On Side A we find Moon, a 16 minutes of trance dedicated to the relationship between the moon and our mother earth. On Side B Each reminds us the need to accept recurrent patterns, then, time can stretch out and new spaces can come in; Tide and its waves overwhelm sand and dust, while in its way back, it lets the stones breath. Fabio's words: "Recorded live during summer, it's a polyrhitmic work whose warm but sharp synthesizers sounds melt with the rhythmic parts. Everything arise from small loop fragments that are embedded with dreamy effect, drones, melodic sequences and field recordings."

Cat. number: OLTRAW10
Year: 2019

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