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The Paul Butterfield Blues Band

East-West (LP)

Label: Sundazed

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

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1966's East-West, the second album from the Butterfield Blues Band and their last with lead guitarist Mike Bloomfield found the group branching out from the electric blues and adding elements of modern jazz and the music of India, most notably on the landmark title track, which paved the way for much of the musical experimentation of the late 60s.

"Sundazed's East-West packs a sonic punch, revealing the scorching guitars and gritty-sounding harmonica in all their ragged glory. During Bloomfield?s solo on the title track, an open soundscape clearly brings out the texture of details like the drum heads being hit by a mallet and Butterfield?s harmonica riffs under the guitar lines. Not a bad place to start."
-Absolute Sound Magazine

Cat. number: LP5096
Year: 2018

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