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The Millennium

Magic Time: The Millennium/Ballroom Sessions (3CD Set)

Label: Sundazed

Format: CDx3

Genre: Psych

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An awe-inspiring three CD set! We’ve emptied the Columbia vaults of material by these late-‘60s Curt Boettcher-led groups, whose dazzling soundscapes and choral arrangements created a perfect hybrid of sunshine pop and psychedelia. Produced with the bands’ full participation, Magic Time is the definitive compendium of Millennium/Ballroom material, including the entire Begin and Ballroom albums and an additional wealth of unheard songs and alternate versions, plus interviews and rare photos! Magic Time is an extensive three-disc compilation album containing music from the sunshine pop bands The Millennium, The Ballroom, Sagittarius and also the artist Curt Boettcher.

It isn't completely accurate to call it a reissue of The Millennium album Begin, though it does contain the entire album plus all of the single versions of songs from that album. It also isn't accurate to refer to it simply as a Millennium compilation because it contains the entire (previously unreleased) album by The Ballroom, as well as numerous demos for The Ballroom, Sagittarius, and Curt Boettcher. This three CD set chronicles Curt Boettcher's progression from The Ballroom to The Millennium housed in a clam shell case with 24 pages of notes and photos.


Cat. number: SC11102
Year: 2019

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