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Echoes In The Wonderland
€ 15.00
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uton - Echoes In The Wonderland


Echoes In The Wonderland

€ 15.00

LABEL: Ikuisuus
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: Vinyl LP+ tape | CATALOG N. IKU-034 | YEAR. (2012)

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As the album title could say, this is a way to the "wonderland" (also called as "the other side" - many names have been used during the history of humankind), which shouldn't be mixed with the adventure's of the famous Alice - though it might give some idea about what is going to happen, but that's just the start of it all - the start of nothing else but listener's mind. What are the "echoes" then? They are something which is coming from beyond to here where we stay - so the album is a link between these worlds; inside & outside; like they are working together. That's all quite obvious - psychedelic transmissions of conciousness.
It's been recorded in Bretagne, France, 7/2010 & 10/2010, using old school four-track tape recorded for catching the sound from (effected or non-effected) sources, like electric guitar, synths, percussions & vocals. Sound is mostly improvised, multi-layered experimentations, made for headphone listening (other ways are possible too), letting go; eyes closed if possible. Something relaxing, something a bit noisy & out of mind, something strange... something where a mind can wander in peace."
All music and sleeve art by Uton.
Mastered by Pentti Dassum.

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Ltd to 275 copies, it comes witha tape
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