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Music for 1​-​Year​-​Old Samuli Tanner - Excerpt 1
Music for 1​-​Year​-​Old Samuli Tanner - Excerpt 2
Music for 1​-​Year​-​Old Samuli Tanner - Excerpt 3
Music for 1​-​Year​-​Old Samuli Tanner - Excerpt 4

Samuli Tanner

Music for 1​-​Year​-​Old Samuli Tanner (LP)

Label: Ikuisuus

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Samuli Tanner is known for his work in Siihhi, World Bank, Tiiu Helinä and Myttys to name a few. Music for 1-Year-Old Samuli Tanner is the first album released under his own name and was previously released in USA by Sun Ark Recordings in CD format. Now the album is finally released on vinyl and digital format by Fonal Records, Ikuisuus and Peace Files. Music For 1-Year Old Samuli Tanner consists of playful improvised sci-fi compositions and “beats” made with self-built samplers, old tape machines and new computers. Sami Pekkola (Oaagaada, Taco Bells) plays tenor saxophone and duduk on the closing track. Cover is a painting by Arsi Keva based on the original CD artwork.

“Always cut things out way too soon. Nothing is better than a really catchy hit melody played only once.” – Samuli Tanner

Cat. number: IKU-058
Year: 2021

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