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Best of 2018
File under: Musique Concrète
Best of 2018

Iannis Xenakis

Electronic Music (Lp)

Label: Jeanne Dielman

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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Jeanne Dielman presents a reissue of a collection of Iannis Xenakis's work titled Electronic Music, originally released in 1997. Some of the earliest works from a truly groundbreaking composer in the realms of electronic music, musique concrete, electro-acoustic, 20th century classical, and more. The Romanian-born, Greek-French composer Iannis Xenakis was instrumental in the introduction of mathematical models into composition and helped revolutionize electronic music in the middle 20th century. Collecting some of his earliest works in electronic and electro-acoustic music, this is a crucial set for any fans of 20th century classical experimentation.
File under: Musique Concrète
Cat. number: JD 126LP
Year: 2018