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seiji nagai

Electronic Noise Improvisation 1999
€ 22.00
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seiji nagai - Electronic Noise Improvisation 1999

seiji nagai

Electronic Noise Improvisation 1999

€ 22.00

LABEL: Klimt
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: Vinyl LPx2 | CATALOG N. MJJ326 | YEAR. (2011)

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After spending the first half of the 1970s globetrotting with Asia's premiere avant-garde band--Takehisa Kosugi's Taj Mahal Travellers (where Seiji Nagai played trumpet and keyboards)--Nagai continued to study and play music, particularly Indian music (drones) and electronic/computer generated music. In 1999 he finally released Electronic Noise Improvisation, with the help of Koichi Watanabe, Koji Kawai and Minoru Yonemoto. Here, as in the days of TMT, Nagai concentrates on creating dense drones, but this time his instruments are computers and a host of electronic gadgets, as well as electronic mandolin and piano.

Notes   Tracklisting

Data Recorded: 1999/03/21: track 1,2,3
1999/08: track 4 at Seiji Nagai Private Studio. Limited to 500 copies

1   1999/03/21 Part 1 17:27  
2   1999/03/21 Part 2 6:51  
3   1999/03/21 Part 3 19:00  
4   1999/08 Solo 22:17