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Essen 1970 - excerpt 1
Essen 1970 - excerpt 2
File under: Kraut
Included in:

Guru Guru

Essen 1970 (LP)

Label: Svart

Format: LP

Genre: Psych



Stunning quality, rare live performance recordings of krautrock pioneers Guru Guru, from one of their earliest ever live concerts on Sunday October the 25th 1970. Three long slabs of prime classic psychedelic prog, two from the ‘UFO’ album and one off ‘Hinten’, show the band at their apex, defining a sound that had never been heard before. Sourced from tapes recorded directly from the sound desk at the show, the recording quality is phenomenal for something of this vintage era. The original line-up of Mani Neumeier – drums & vocals, Ax Genrich – guitar and Uli Trepte – bass & vocals, are present and on full power.

Guru Guru stood for space, psychedelic experience and electric magic. It stood for energy, imagination and freedom. Turn on, tune in, take off!

Cat. number: SRE404
Year: 2020

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