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BJ Nilsen

Fade to white

Label: Touch

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Benny Nilsen writes: 'Fade To White contains material from the making of 3 pieces which were created within a different season and then edited, re-arranged and re-mixed in the summer of 2004. 6 pieces contain outdoor field recordings from travels in mainly central Europe in 2003 [Gdansk-Poland, Narva-Estonia, Sarajevo-Serbia Herzegovina, Arad-Romania, Trieste-Italy], and static indoor recordings from 2004 Stockholm-Sweden, Brussels-Belgium, Amsterdam-Netherlands, Vienna-Austria, Geneva-Switzerland. I used acoustic and electrical instruments recorded in open spaces picking up the natural ambience, blending those with environmental sounds of nature and then arranged it in the computer, creating dynamic layers of sound that feed from one another.' This is BJNilsen's 3rd album for touch, after Land [touch # Tone 17 - as Hazard] and Live at the Konzerthaus, Vienna [touch # TO:CDR5]. He also recorded 3 Hazard albums for Ash International.
Cat. number: TO:65
Year: 2004

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