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Label: VHF Records

Format: Vinyl LP+CD

Genre: Electronic

In stock


Holy sh*t it's a new Sunroof! record, and while the name might have been amended a little, the sound is still the same delirious fuzzed-out noise rock we have come to expect from Matthew Bower's long-running troupe. 'Feral' is the first record from the Sunroof! camp in five years, and shows Bower on a blackened psychedelic tip, exposing a stark serenity in his sound we haven't heard for some time. That's not to say the noise has lost any of its grit or power, but underneath the swathes of white noise and guitar mangling there are glorious near-shoegaze harmonies to be made out. 'Feral' is an album of songs and just because those songs have been slapped with layer upon layer of filthy concrete and lead doesn't mean they were never songs at all. It's almost like listening to a Burzum record being played in a reverb chamber through a wall of breeze blocks, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Fantastic, crucial tunes yet again from the mind of the UK's most hard working noise alchemist.(BOOMKAT)

Cat. number: vhf131LP
Year: 2012

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