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Franz Koglmann, Steve Lacy


Label: Black Monk

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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**200 copies, CD version** Steve Lacy had plenty of fantastic moments on the European scene of the 70s – but this unique album may well stand as one of his best! The set's very different than any of Steve's recordings with his own group – partly because the core energy here comes from trumpeter Franz Koglmann – who sets things up in a really unusual way, by often embracing rhythm – but also setting it free in all these other erratic patterns too – which proves to be a perfect foil for Steve's soprano sax, and Franz's work on trumpet and flugelhorn. There's no piano at all – just wonderful bass from Toni Michlymayr, percussion from Muhammad Mali, and slight but distinct electronics from Gerd Geier – a trio of players who are less familiar than most on Euro avant jazz sets of this type – and really bring a lot of distinct qualities to the set. Titles include Bowery 1, Steirish WC Nr 2, Hommage To An Old Raincoat, and Misera Plebs Take 1" - Dusty Groove
Cat. number: BMCD-01
Year: 2019

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