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Floh De Cologne

Fliessbandbabys Beat-Show

Label: Wah Wah Records

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Rock

In stock


"Actually the first release ever on the revolutionary and innovative Ohr label, Fliesbandbabys Beat Show saw Floh De Cologne's delivering a hard slap on the face on Western Germany's capitalist society. Well-known for their humorous and satirical approach (which gained them comparisons with other freak troupes like The Fugs or The Mothers Of Invention), they deliver a freaky concoction of agit-prop satire and madness with relentless no-barriers free jamming. Political agitation meets free-rock! Housed in a nice gatefold cover, carefully reproducing the original groundbreaking cover design by Reinhard Hippen (responsible for all of Ohr's classic first five releases). Kraut madness!"

Cat. number: LPS039
Year: 2007

Deluxe gatefold reissue, edition of 500 copies.

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