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robert ashley

Foreign experiences
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robert ashley - Foreign experiences

robert ashley

Foreign experiences

€ 19.50

GENRE: Compositional Form | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. LCD 1008 | YEAR. (2007)

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"The original seven-voice version of the opera was recorded in my studio. It was edited by Sam Ashley to match the performance orchestra that had been used in seven-voice performances to that date. Because of the way they are treated, the seven, recorded voices are referred to in this version as the "background voices." Later, Sam and Jacqueline Humbert suggested a "two-voice" version as a performance piece for themselves using the original MIDI generated performance orchestra. Jacqueline and Sam divided the seven-voice original score between them based on decisions about a new way to tell the story.
They were recorded live in performance at the Subtropics Festival, Miami, 2002. Then this "two-voice version" CD was produced, to reflect that way of telling the story, using the Subtropics Festival recording along with newly created material and elements from the original performance orchestra and processed versions of the existing, edited "background voices." Many of the background voices were processed in an extreme fashion to create extra parts in the orchestra. Sometimes they can be heard as ghostly premonitions similar to "EVP" recordings ("Electronic Voice Phenomena"). "EVP" recordings, important in the 1970's (the time situation of Foreign Experiences), frequently feature subtle "voices" that are either buried in or constructed from noise.— RA" Slipcase contains 1-CD in jewel box with 96-page libretto booklet.

Robert Ashley è uno dei più importanti compositori americani e la sua ricerca sulla musicalità della voce e sul teatro musicale, che va avanti da decenni, lo pone ai vertici della scena internazionale.

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