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Ftarri After Tomorrow

Label: Ftarri

Format: CD

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It’s been five years since Ftarri, an online CD shop and record label specializing in improvised music, opened a physical store of the same name in Suidobashi, Tokyo. This is the first title in a four-CD series celebrating the store's fifth anniversary. It consists of four performances (three solos and one duo) by a total of five musicians.
The first track is an electronic sound piece by Hideki Umezawa (born in 1986) in which myriad wriggling, slithering sounds are released little by little in an enjoyable way.
In track 2, Yoko Ikeda (violin, etc.) and Wakana Ikeda (flute, etc.)-both members of Suidobashi Chamber Ensemble-perform a composition by Wakana. This work, in which sound parts using instruments and other objects alternate with silences, conveys a sense of Wakana's unique ideas.
In track 3, Yoichi Kamimura (born in 1982) takes field recordings gathered in various locations, seasons them with electronic sounds, and processes and edits the work with superb artistry.
Tracks 4 and 5 are improvised performances by Takashi Masabuchi (acoustic guitar). Both proceed in a relaxed way, with beautiful sound sequencing and resonance. Limited edition of 200, consecutive numbering.

Cat. number: meenna-882
Year: 2017